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How much time do British people spend online?

British people spend an average of 11.3 hours per week online at home; this has been roughly stable since 2007 (average 10.9 hours a week at home). By contrast, use of the Internet at work has decreased from 7.3 hours per week to 5.5 hours per week over the same period. Use of the Internet at school… Read More »

Use of online government services is increasing, but still presents a problem for many

Use of the Internet has been positively associated with involvement in politics and government. With respect to governmental activity, public engagement with digital government is continuing to evolve, and more and more services are moving towards easier online provision. Moreover, the entire population is potentially in need of one or more governmental services that are increasingly digital.… Read More »

Non- and Ex-users: Reasons for Not Using the Internet

After showing some of the characteristics of non- and ex-users of the Internet, this post focuses on reasons why they say they do not use the Internet. We will investigate what prevents people from trying out the Internet or stop using it in the next couple of blog posts. We present non- and ex-users with… Read More »

Non- and Ex-users of the Internet: Gender and Age

In this post we explore some basic demographic characteristics of non- and ex-users of the Internet. The first graph shows that the proportions of non- and ex-users among men and women are almost identical. The proportion of non- and ex-users is only for 3 percentage points bigger among female population. This difference is in the… Read More »