Dr Grant Blank
Grant Blank

Grant Blank is the Survey Research Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute responsible for the design, analysis and coordination of the Oxford Internet Surveys (OxIS) and World Internet Project (WIP) Surveys. Grant began his career as an independent consultant based in Chicago Illinois specializing in research design, statistical analysis, and database design. He previously taught at American University in Washington DC. Email:

Dr Victoria Nash

Victoria Nash is the Deputy Director and Policy and Research Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute (OII). Her particular research interests draw on her background as a political theorist, and concern the theoretical and practical application of fundamental liberal values in the Internet era. Recent projects have included efforts to map the legal and regulatory trends shaping freedom of expression online for UNESCO, analysis of age verification as a tool for balancing the interests of children and adults online, and the role of information and Internet access in the development of moral autonomy. Email:

Dr Rebecca Eynon

Rebecca Eynon holds a joint academic post between the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) and the Department of Education at the University of Oxford. Since 2000 her research has focused on education, learning and inequalities, and she has carried out projects in a range of settings (higher education, schools and the home) and life stages (childhood, adolescence and late adulthood). Email:


Former OxIS investigators: William Dutton, Ellen Helsper, Corinna Di Gennaro, Richard Rose, Julia Lefkowitz.