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Are women more exposed to online hate speech?

Written by Grant Blank, William H. Dutton and Nico Buettner Driven by controversies like Gamergate (e.g. Hathaway 2014), online hate speech against women has attracted increasing attention. While the prevalence of online hostility toward women is of exceptional importance, most research is anecdotal. Items from the Oxford Internet Survey (OxIS) can be used to take… Read More »

Data! We have Data!

The 2011 wave of data collection is finished and we have 2,057 respondents. We have gone through several waves of data cleaning. For example, we were able to recover many missing occupational codes. In some cases, we found that the interviewer had written down an abbreviation for the occupation. When the person coding the occupation… Read More »

In the Field!

Data collection has begun for the 2011 wave of the Oxford Internet Surveys, with ICM Research hired to collect a random sample of about 2,000 British respondents. We expect to be in the field for four to six weeks. The questionnaire is long, about 40-45 minutes for most Internet users, but shorter for non-users and ex-users. This is… Read More »